Friday, March 3, 2017

Jan Kamienski Canadian Treasure

Jan Kamienski the author, the political cartoonist, the columnist, and prolific painter kept most of his accomplishments close to his chest. His paintings alone were many but he rarely displayed them to the public and simply stored them away in a warehouse. They are now available for collectors.   FOR SALE  Many more are yet to be catalogued soon.

He was also an amazing writer that brought the horrors of World War 2 in Poland to print. The memories of a teen caught up in the war and served in the Polish Underground. .  His book is found on Amazon and worth a read.

Jan Kamienski has yet to be discovered for his contribution to the art world and beyond.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Clydesdale House Favoured Artisan

Jewelry shown Custom Crafted work by Sheila De Alencar 
Clydesdale House favoured Artisan We can facilitate Specially Designed works with Sheila a gifted and highly sought out artist. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rumble On Clydesdale Street - Burnaby BC

Clydesdale Street, Burnaby British Columbia, Canada. Erased but never forgotten. 

Life & Times. Early Childhood. An Era long past. Super stories on how kids made their own fun, played innocently without fears, or pressures. No electronics. Just genuine innovation. Great stories for young and old. A superb look at a sector of time in B.C. history. A street that no longer exists. Now a major entrance and exit for a super highway the houses are gone, the street changed. Under the asphalt still the little kids dance. Once a vibrant neighbourhood time has changed the landscape. How kids played in the mid 40's and how they interacted. Schou Street School changed their perspective on life. They began to grow up but never lost their innocence and genuine ingenuity. Some great Christmas stories and observations in where their little worlds would take them.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Clydesdale House Loves Chocolat Concierge

Clydesdale House has two major loves. Coffee and Chocolate. Today the beautiful direction of Single Origin Coffee's and Single Origin Chocolate has begun to take the flavors into new territory. Now that the small coffee roaster and the small chocolatier have started their exploration and journey the consumer has a totally new appreciation for their favorite sin. Coffee or Chocolate. Groups like Chocolat Concierge seek out those leading the charge and feature their exquisite products for the collective consumer. So much more to come.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Truely Seeking Worlds Best Chocolates

The Chocolat Concierge seems to be really attempting to bring the best options for luxury chocolates to the consumer. Chocolate has reached new heights with Chocolatiers looking for quality beans, quality harvested and naturally processed. To this there is a much finer appreciation for what chocolate should be bringing it a long way from just poor quality and badly orchestrated ingredients so frequent over the years. The advent of the Bean to Bar has brought a whole new vision to Chocolate. No longer just a confectionery (usually something with less than 60% chocolate) to fine single origin chocolate tuned with natural sweeteners and fabulous recipes. One of the world finest is a young lady and her family in Tuscany Italy who capture the essence of the highest quality bar and exquisite single pieces anywhere. Welcome the AMEDEI Chocolate Company. It is stated they literally have access to all the finest beans of a remote village in Venezuela, South America bringing the consumer a chocolate to relish, savor and engage.